Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What's Important?

This week's events have really made many people look at what is important in life. Those of us who have faced cancer have a new view on what is important and what is not. AND now for senseless deaths of young children, I think America needs to really ask itself, "What is important?" I know I will hug my family a bit harder and hug my little students. I am a teacher and we are discouraged to hug our students. I have broken this mantra and hugged a few 1st graders.

With Christmas around the corner, WHAT is IMPORTANT to you? Are material things the most important?  When we leave the earth, these things are not important. I know, for me, relationships are important. I try to be kind and caring in my profession. ( I am a teacher.) I try to be a kind parent and wife. I try to be a good friend.

I will continue to spread the word about the dangers of melanoma. I will pray for those who have lost a loved one this week to the violence in Connecticut and or to cancer. I will pray for those who are fighting for their lives.

this is what matters: FAMILY! Myself, my daughter Allison, and Gramps
shortly after treatment/

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