Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Clear Scan

I am overwhelmed with JOY at the news that my scans came back clear. I was really starting to freak out and wonder why my doctor had not gotten in touch with me. Was he trying to think of way to tell me about the cancer returning? Was the news bad and he did not want to email me bad news?  My mind was on the run away train of a recurrence happening. Then of course I go back to the other side and think, good things can happen to you Stephanie, think positive. So what, you were deathly ill, you had to move and change teaching assignments, you have lost your cabin, and your family suffered major emotional issues and you deserve something good to happen. Well, that good thing has happened, I am still in remission!

I can now go into the holidays with the best gift of all....I beat stage IV cancer.  This is bitter sweet when I know others have not been so blessed. Others are suffering. Melanoma is so ugly and scary! So, while I am ecstatic, I will continue to pray for those afflicted by the disease. I will hold my head up tall for myself.  I will have more happy days with my family! 

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