Sunday, December 9, 2012

To Tell or Not to Tell.....

Sometimes I am not sure when to tell people I am a cancer survivor or not. Yesterday I was at a craft fair and was looking some small scented pillows. I said, "these would be good for people fighting cancer, I am a cancer survivor."  Today I went to sell my angel cards at small store up the road and I did not say that painting my angels is a part of my emotional recovery from cancer. Sometimes I feel it is something I want to forget...other times I cannot forget.

For the most part, when I share that I survived, I do so to give HOPE to others. Cancer is one of the most frightening words one can hear and I desperately want to give HOPE and the only way I can is to share my story of survival.

So, does cancer define who I am? Yes and No. I know that melanoma is busy taking people's lives and it tried to take mine. I know that it is a deadly disease that many think is "only skin cancer." I know there is some reason I am still here....after being on death's door. Melanoma does not care if you are young or old. It  does not care.

I am a Melanoma Warrior!  I am proud to have beaten the odds, and I will do my share in spreading HOPE and information that hopefully helps another human being. otherwise, what was it all for?

My heart is heavy as I know a fellow warrior is not winning her battle. She is a young woman who's family will miss her beyond belief. Bless her family.

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