Sunday, December 23, 2012

the Strength of the Human Spirit

This past week has been one filled with great sadness for people across the country. It has been unimaginable how one person can cause so much sadness and grief. I was not sure how to post about cancer surviving in the wake of the Newtown tragedy.

What I have been thinking about is the amazing strength of the human spirit. While we live in bodies that can seem so incredibly fragile, our spirits can be so strong. I know that many people will find strength they never thought they had after losing their children. This is what happens to those in these situations.

Facing cancer is also something that requires strength. For me, I found an inner strength I never knew I had. My physical body was failing me and I had to rely on my mind to survive the extreme pain and suffering it would take to go through the treatment that would save my life. In the darkest hours of treatment, when everyone was asleep, is when I had to dig deep. I could finally let my guard down. During the day I wanted to stay strong for my family. YET....I felt so fragile. I knew that I at anytime I could pass.  Angels and prayers and a power greater than myself pulled me through.

What makes you strong? Family? God? Jesus?  All of these things keep us going through the hardest times, when you think you cannot go on any further.When you think 1 more drug being injected into your veins will kill you....yet, it doesn't and you endure more chemo treatment. The human spirit is an amazing thing and I have seen more love and hope in people after a tragedy that I wish it did not take a tragedy for us to be kind. For those I know who are suffering still from cancer, you are STRONGER than you ever thought you could be!  Keep on keeping on!  For the rest of us...hugs and prayers and love are free to give.

I don't understand why I made it through such a dire diagnosis and such a brutal treatment. I do not know why I lived and others with the same diagnosis at the same time have not. I do know I am here and I will stay strong!  I will teach my daughter how to be strong!  I will have an ATTITUDE of GRATITUDE for this extra time with my family. 

Merry Christmas everyone!!

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