Thursday, December 13, 2012

What to eat?

Last year I was so NEW out of cancer treatment I still barely ate much of anything. It was around the holidays that changed. I started baking, in search of a healthy muffin recipe. I made honey bran muffins. I made whole wheat berry muffins. I used apple sauce instead of oil. All muffins were brought to work for my co-workers. Mondays became "Muffin Monday."  And weight began to come back. My size 8 pants began to tighten up.

Then came holiday potlucks...yummy. I decided I should eat again. I had been a vegan, but began adding cheese back into my diet. I was so happy that food tasted good and that I had an appetite!  During treatment I would go up to 14 days barely eating a 1/2 slice of toast and 1/4 cup of applesauce. I was down to 127 pounds.  Now I am back to a solid size 12/14. I am round again. Everyone says I look good. I know I could lose a few pounds.

It is potluck time at work. My philosophy for these is MODERATION. My goal is to enjoy food, and even enjoy some treats. BUT, I still eat a plant based diet. I still try to drink a mug of green tea a day.  I enjoy myself and allow for the treats. I will eat from the veggie tray and avoid the chip tray.

So, for today, enjoy a small treat and continue your healthy eating. I am so grateful to be HERE and to be ALIVE.
These are "healthy" muffins. :)

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