Friday, June 24, 2016


Surviving cancer does not always mean what we think it does. As I celebrate the success of the AIM walk and being 5 years NED, a sweet melahomie of mine is now in hospice care.  Sometimes "surviving" cancer is leaving a sick body behind and becoming an angel. I have tears rolling down my face and have had a night full of tossing and turning wondering WHY?

WHY am I here and others are facing the end of their fight with a forever good bye to their families?

It reminds me that this fight is not over and everyday is a day to show others you care and to live life to its fullest. Everyday someone is struggling with cancer, and not every survivor stays in their earthly body.

When I first came out of treatments and it was apparent to me that surviving meant breathing and working and living, I was angry.  I was angry that others did not seem to see how precious life is and how everyday is a gift. After a while, survivor guilt lessened and I got back to life as "normal."

While my new normal involves worrying about every ache and pain and wondering if the cancer is back.  I do not wish this on anyone.

It is seems so unfair that so many did not make it...  others are fighting SO HARD!

THAT IS WHY is it SO IMPORTANT to tell others that  melanoma is so much more than "JUST SKIN CANCER!!"  It is a BEAST and KILLS.  A simple sunburn can turn into so much more.... time in a tanning bed can KILL YOU!  There is NO SUCH thing as a SAFE TAN or a BASE TAN!!

GET the word out!!! GET YOUR SKIN CHECKED!! 
Please share all of these links and spread the word about MELANOMA being a KILLER!!

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