Friday, June 17, 2016


On June 5th, 2016 we had the first AIM @ Melanoma walk in Laguna Niguel, SoCAL. 
It was amazing!  I was so proud of all the people who came out to support melanoma fighters!  

When I went home after the walk, my heart overflowed with LOVE and HAPPINESS.

Despite the hard ships that CANCER had caused in all our lives, we stood STRONG together and made a difference in the lives of others with our donations of $$ & time as each step was dedicated to CURING melanoma. 

If you are newly diagnosed... please know that the road to recovery is one that takes time but CAN BE DONE!  I am proof that people beat this beast!!  There are so many of us out here, fighting for a CURE but supporting the researchers and doctors.  WATCH out MELANOMA, YOU ARE GOING DOWN!!


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