Friday, June 3, 2016

Honoring Angels

Sunday will be the first annual AIM @ Melanoma walk in Laguna Niguel, CA. I am so proud to have the opportunity to bring together so many wonderful people to make this a successful event!

AIM Walk

Melanoma has affected too many lives, mine is one of those.

Late 2010, I had a huge tumor growing in my l
left armpit. By the end of the year it was diagnosed as stage IV melanoma. It was my 2nd time being diagnosed with melanoma... the 1st time was in 2000 when I had a stage 1 melanoma removed from my arm.  THAT's right, it came back after 10 years.

I fought HARD with 5 rounds of biochemotherapy. (This is equivalent to 2 years of chemo in 5 months & 2 immunotherapy drugs all administered in a hospital.)  After surgery in May of 2011, to remove the dead tumor, I was declared cancer free, or as we say in the world of melanoma, NED ( No Evidence of Disease). I was a miracle & here I am 5 years later!


I am dedicating Sunday's walk to those who are fighting and those who passed as we have many new angels from our melanoma community. It IS a battle we can win on our lifetime, the battle against melanoma and all cancers.  

See you SUNDAY!

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