Sunday, July 24, 2016

you DO NOT want to know WHAT I know about skin cancer!!

It is July, full blown summer time with people laying out all over the place, in their swim suits, TANNING!!  I have come to HATE JULY because of this!

According to AIM @ Melanoma one risk factor of melanoma is:

UV Exposure

Frequent and intense exposure to UV radiation, either from the sun or from indoor tanning devices, is the major risk factor for melanoma. It has been shown that repetitive and severe sunburns (sunburns that result in blistering), especially in childhood, put one at risk for melanoma. 
This is not a joke.... this is serious business!  Melanoma is becoming one of the fastest growing cancers for young people and 6% of young people, age 15-29, have melanoma.

Let me tell you about a cancer that people this you can "just cut out."
Melanoma often requires a lymph node biopsy... 
Melanoma often requires a wide excision of the site where the original melanoma was found.
Melanoma can look vastly different than what people think, it is sometimes pink.
MELANOMA, is one of the FASTEST metaastizing cancers out there, and once it has spread outside of your lymph system, your chances of beating it drop drastically.  I know, as I had 8% chance of living 5 years past diagnosis.  
I am blessed to still be here, sharing this story.... PLEASE do not underestimate the danger of a sunburn or melanoma which is often referred to as "JUST SKIN CANCER." 
Tell Flynn's family, as they bury him this week, that it was JUST SKIN CANCER.  Tell Rose, who buried her daughter, it is JUST SKIN CANCER.  Tell Susan, who buried Jillian, it is JUST SKIN CANCER... all of these people were YOUNG, under 35!!

If I sound angry, I AM.  I AM TIRED of people thinking this is not a serious cancer and TIRED of people telling me to GET OVER IT. 
Tell my family as they supported me as I almost DIED from "JUST SKIN CANCER!"

Trust me, you do not want to know melanoma as intimately as I do.... 

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