Monday, May 16, 2016

Melanoma Awareness Month 2016

It is melanoma awareness month again.... and I am still here to CELEBRATE beating stage IV cancer!

I kicked cancer's ASS! SCREW YOU MELANOMA

Here some recent thoughts I have had after 5 years.
  • FIGHT Everyday I am ALIVE is a fight to keep the cancer aware, because melanoma is a diagnosis you keep forever.... and stress is something that opens the door for it to return.
  • survivor's guilt: I still feel SAD when others pass from this wicked disease, and want to use my survival to bring awareness and HOPE to others.
  • happiness: BE HAPPY and STAY POSITIVE because nothing is as hard as fighting cancer!
While people do not understand why I still bring it up or how close to death I was.... I know and my family knows and my melahomies know. Melanoma has a mind of its own and often stays away fro years before it returns and no one knows why. 

The one certainty is to prevent melanoma, stay in the shade, use sunscreen, and when in doubt cut it out!

I hope if you find this blog you are doing well and know that others have beat stage 4 melanoma!  PEACE!

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