Sunday, August 2, 2015

A letter To the Newly Diagnosed and those is the Trenches of the Fight

Dear Newly Diagnosed with Cancer & those who are actively FIGHTING,

First, I am SORRY you are going through this. I too have been there!  It is THE hardest and SCARIEST thing you a person can face. I know you are scared and your family is scared.  BUT, I want to share a message of HOPE.

The year of 2011 began for me with a diagnosis that only gave me 5-8% chance to live 5 years. I had anywhere from 2-6 months to live. It was stage IV metastatic melanoma. A tumor the size of a grapefruit was under my left armpit. The pain was unbearable. The fear was unimaginable. I had NO IDEA how I would survive. Without going into the gory details, I did survive and I am here now.

What I want to do for all those in the middle of cancer treatment, is extend a HUGE HUG!  That is right, I am a hugger!  I want to hug all of you and tell you to take it easy and rest. Let the medicine do it's job and know that so many of us have been right where you are. I am one of the people who was told to go home and get their affairs in order. "There is nothing I can do for you," were the words from one doctor to me and husband and mother. My poor husband almost fainted.

With a lot of faith, I was led to the Angeles Clinic in Santa Monica, CA. This is where I met the charming Dr. Hamid. He said I will try to save your life and if the shit hits the fan, I will tell, and it has not hit the fan yet. He sent me in to the hospital for bio-chemotherapy.

I said I would not share gory details... so I won't.  But, I want to tell you I KNOW about the pain of treatment. I know about hair loss....I know about not eating for 14 days....I KNOW about being close to death. I know about wanting death to end the pain of the treatment and the pain of watching your family watch you in the middle of the pain of cancer treatment.

These days of fighting cancer are the the HARDEST times you will face.

I am so proud of YOU for your fight and the dignity you have during this time.

THERE is an ARMY of PEOPLE praying for you, RIGHT NOW!





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