Saturday, June 20, 2015


While jogging with my dog, I saw 6 very big, and very ominous turkey vultures, sitting on both sides of a gate I had to pass through to continue on my 3.58 route. What were they doing there?  These black birds that eat the remains of dead things..... WHAT WERE THEY DOING in the MIDDLE of my path??

I suppose I have always believed in signs. And not stop signs my friends, signs of things to come.  My last visit to the cancer center I heard my doctor utter the word "cured" and "you can come once a year" .... "if you feel okay with that?"

OF course I am HAPPY!  OF course those are words I want to hear....BUT.... there is always a BUT when thinking of melanoma. BUT, what if it comes back... what if it comes back and I don't know because so often there are no symptoms of the disease being there..... WHAT IF THESE 6 vultures are a SIGN?  A BAD SIGN?

There could have always been something dead nearby, that these creatures were feasting on.... and as  they flew away I realized that I have been given a second chance, for some reason, and I am here, chasing off the black vultures of doubt that live in my mind and in the minds of all people who have lived with the black beast of melanoma.

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