Saturday, October 26, 2013


        The brain works in mysterious ways. Yesterday I was listening to music and heard a song by Train. Now most people know how much I LOVE the Dave Matthews Band, but I do listen to other bands. Mom and I would listen to a great live CD of Train while driving to Santa Monica to see my doctors. My favorite song during treatment was "Calling All Angels" by Train. I prayed and prayed that Angels would help me through my painful treatments and that Angels would help my family if I did not survive.

        I hear Train's lead singer, Patrick Monahan, and I think of those very scary drives to Santa Monica. It was a 2 hour one way drive from Mom's house. We spent a lot of time in traffic. It was too much time to wonder if the scans would come back showing the cancer was going away. We could never be sure.

        This last summer I drove on the 405 freeway, right past the Wilshire Blvd exit for the Angeles Clinic. I was sick to my stomach. Memories came flooding back.

Fighting cancer is something that will always be with me. You cannot see the scars that I feel everyday. You cannot even tell I was sick. I like it that way.

   I will always send angel cards to those fighting cancer. I do not care what kind of cancer it is, CANCER SUCKS!!!

    I do not have any BIG epiphanies to share.... just sharing helps me feel better. The ghost of cancer is never far from my mind.... yet I will go out today and celebrate that I am alive!!

Have A great Saturday!!
Go get your feet wet!

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