Saturday, October 19, 2013

Getting Older

Lately, I have been thinking about getting older. When I was diagnosed with cancer I did not think that I would see my 41st birthday.... I did not know if I was going to age anymore. 
When I was really sick I stopped thinking about anything other than beating cancer and how would my family deal with my death?

So, the other day, when I got my pictures from our school photo day, I thought, " I sure look wrinkly and old!" And then, I thought, that is GREAT!!  I am ageing!!

I saw an older couple today, walking hand in hand, and thought, " My husband and I get to be old together."

Ageing is okay with me. I will get wrinkled. I will see my daughter graduate high school. I will get older. And that is good with me! I am happy to be here!

Blessings for all those who are fighting cancer and all those who are caregivers to fighters. Cancer SUCKS and yet, there are those of us who have beat it!! 

HUGS to Everyone!!

And a special CONGRATULATIONS to Chelsea on getting married!! She did not let a cancer diagnosis get her down!!

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