Tuesday, November 26, 2013

"Cancer- Anniversary"

I usually think of an anniversary as being something to celebrate. It is a time to eat cake, and drink a glass of wine and really celebrate!!

This week is the anniversary of my diagnosis of stage IV melanoma. For Thanksgiving in 2010 I had the realization that it may be my last Thanksgiving. I was sacred stiff. I did not have courage....I  had FEAR. It was the worst fear a person could have is to think he or she will not be around for their child anymore. That was the fear that filled my body and spirit.

Now, many of you know how my story turned out....and obviously I am HERE to tell the tale of fighting cancer.

I post this to say that everyday I am THANKFUL to be here. I am so very thankful to be here and to be able to spread my story of hope. In this day and age, a stage IV diagnosis does not mean death.

BUT, for some....who do not make it, I send hugs and prayers to those families. I do not know why I am here and others are not. I do not know.....and it saddens me.

For those who are facing cancer..... keep the faith and for those who are caregivers...THANK YOU!!

Blessings to all fighting cancer!!!

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