Thursday, March 17, 2016

  This past week I was blessed to be able to go to Washington D.C. and be an advocate for the Melanoma Research Foundation.  This is an experience I am SO GRATEFUL to have participated in as a survivor and as an advocate for those you cannot go and are suffering from treatments and of course, I went for those who are no longer with us!  

 22 states were represented in Washington!  And a BIG THANK YOU to the Melanoma Research Foundation  for their support and training for those of us that were newbies to the entire D.C. scene. Together, we advocated for 4 main points to assist in preventing and CURING melanoma!!! 

As I was in D.C. , I received word that an AIM walk I am organizing will have a BIG sponsor!  As soon as I have ironed out the details I will let you all know!  

And while these wonderful events were happening....  our melanoma community lost another warrior....  and I was reminded of the reason I am fighting SO hard everyday to stay NED myself and fighting for others!  This disease is so insidious and horrible and it is time for melanoma to be in the news, to get the notoriety that it deserves and it time for all of us to go after MELANOMA and take it down!!! I will continue to do what all I can to battle against melanoma. 

Melanoma... Screw you!! You are going down!!

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  1. Thank YOU for taking the time to advocate for others. My husband is also Stage IV NED. First Stage IIC on his scalp 4 years ago. They recently found a 1.7 tumor in his lung. Just 3 weeks ago had part of his lung removed with NED anywhere else. We are excited about the new therapies in just the last 4 years, but would like to see something that will, as you say, take it down!