Sunday, October 18, 2015

Can't you cut it out?

Can't you cut it out? This is a question that people with melanoma hear a lot. It's just skin cancer, right?

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I am sick and tired of hearing this. I know many people who have been diagnosed with stage IV melanoma and have not had  primary melanoma on their skin. I know people who were misdiagnosed with something else, because melanoma was the last thing on the minds of their doctor. I know someone who had it come back, INTERNALLY, after 10 years passed of it just being "cut out." (that is me by the way).  

SO, for the record, melanoma is the deadliest form of skin cancer, it is cancer, and people diagnosed with it will spend their entire life wondering if it is coming back. 

Too many people are losing their life to this ugly disease. Last night we lost a beautiful young man to the disease. I cannot imagine the sadness is family is going through. It is time for this disease to be hit with all we got!  It is time for all cancer research to join forces and fight for all cancers!  It's not all about the pink ribbon, it is about all cancers!

I am saddened and pissed off and out of words for the  losses due to cancer. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH. 
This country needs to get off its ass, and stop distracting us with bullshit political games and put our resources and energy towards GOOD, CURING CANCER needs to be TOP of the list.

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