Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Seeing Spots

I see spots.... EVERYWHERE!  I am probably looking at your spots if we in person.  

While spending time at a natural hot spring this past weekend, I saw lots of spots. There was a a mother and daughter with BAD spots. Not just a little freckly... but dark, msishapen spots, all over.  Judging by their accents, they were foreigners and did not speak lots of English. It was HELLISH to not start a big lecture, OF COURSE they had their spots looked at!  I was on a mini vacation and was trying to NOT think about melanoma.

But therein is the problem. I think about melanoma every day. It follows me, a fear I pray you never have to live with.

SO, please look at your spots because you never know the trouble that may be brewing in them. 

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