Sunday, March 22, 2015

Christmas Wish

I know it is March 22nd, but recently my husband and I found a Christmas letter from our daughter from 2010.

She asked for a cell phone because her Mom has cancer and has to go away.

It breaks my heart to think about what cancer did to my family. BUT, that is now in the past and the whole cancer experience seems like a bad dream.

As I ponder the WHY of getting sick.... I know the answers to this are not for my brain. I am blessed to be here and my goal now is to continue to give out HOPE and POSITIVE energy to those who are fighting a late stage cancer diagnosis.

I will continue to spread awareness as Melanoma is one of the fastest growing cancers. 
I titled this blog "back to life...." to chronicle life after surviving melanoma....& I wasn't sure how long I would be writing as statistics gave me 8-10% chance of surviving 5 years about diagnosis.

For those who passed on....  it is easier to die than live is something I have told my husband. If I had died, I was the lucky one to end my suffering.... and there have been days I thought, "I am alive for THIS?" 

At the end of my treatment my beloved little mountain school was closed and my family had to move so I could keep a job ( because we wanted insurance I was pretty sure my boss was trying to get rid of me) and as a result of the move our daughter suffered severe depression and we lost our dream cabin. I stayed alive for this??  

I beat the beast and I am here to send angels into the world and love and HOPE.

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