Saturday, April 25, 2015


Dear Melanoma,

I really HATE you.I do not hate a lot of things, but you I HATE. WHAT I hate especially about you is how you made my family think they would lose me. I hate how sad everyone was when they saw me, sick and skinny and bald.  BUT, guess what?  I AM WINNING!  Next month I will see my daughter graduate high school!  This photo is when she'd come see me when I was in treatment, and it ROCKED her world thinking I was going to be gone.

I am 4 years NED and I PRAY everyday you never enter my life again. Every step I take, EVERY veggie I eat, EVERY negative thought I banish from my brain is done to KEEP you away.  LEAVE us alone!

I would end this sincerely or love, but I'd rather say F U!!!

Strong Steph staying strong, signing out!

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