Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Stop the MADNESS

Feeling Frustrated today... with the start of summer vacation for so many people, and the misunderstanding that so many people have about melanoma.... like it is "just skin cancer" and you can cut it out.

PEOPLE!!!!  REALLY???  Melanoma is the most dangerous skin cancer and is often fatal. The statistcs for survival have improved...but too many people are being told that there is nothing anyone can do for them.  Does this sound like something you can just cut out??

I want to share some information about melanoma, as seen at skincancer,org


 "Both UVA and UVB rays are dangerous to the skin, and can induce skin cancer, including melanoma. Blistering sunburns in early childhood increase risk, but cumulative exposure also may be a factor. People who live in locations that have more sunlight — like Florida, Hawaii, and Australia — develop more skin cancers. Avoid using a tanning booth or tanning bed, since it increases your exposure to UV rays, raising your risk of developing melanoma and other skin cancers."

USE SUNSCREEN &  COVER UP this summer!!
DO NOT GET A BASE TAN.... it will not "help" or "prevent" sunburns.

Melanoma is real, it is not FUNNY to sunburn.... WE NEED TO STOP the MADNESS.

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