Saturday, May 17, 2014

Cast Away

This morning I was thinking about Tom Hanks in Cast Away. It made me think of cancer. I will tell you why.

When you are sick, and you are in the trenches of the fight. You often feel like Tom Hank's character in Cast Away. You feel you as though you are on a deserted island.... you are alone..... and there is no way out of the hell of the fight.

I want to add a quick disclaimer to say that this is not to be rude or dismissive to the MANY caregivers out there.... YOU ARE WHY WE FIGHT LIKE HELL!!! There are times in the night when a cancer patient has these feelings, at least I did.  WE LOVE OUR CAREGIVERS WITH ALL OUR HEARTS AND FOR ME IT WAS A REASON I DID NOT GIVE UP, EVEN WHEN THINGS WERE SO HARD!!

Back to my comparison......  just like Tom Hanks' character felt as though he would never see his family, as a cancer patient, I felt as though the "real" world was somewhere I would not see again. There were times when I felt as though my life had been altered forever.  Even after treatments ended, I felt sad and frightened by my fight with the beast. I was scarred.

Then one day, the trade winds started blowing.... and I knew I would make it. I knew there was a way off the island. AND here I am.... 3 years after and the warm trade winds are blowing.... I am LIVING. I am ALIVE & WELL.

FOR those who are in the trenches of the battle..... I AM HERE to share my story so you know there is another side of the battle... and that side is LIFE. WHILE I am 4ever changed from CANCER.... and I WILL 4ever share my story in hopes it provides HOPE!!

FOR the Warriors OUT THERE, Adrienne in Canada and KARA in New Orleans... and all the other BAD ASS Melanoma WARRIORS!!!  HANG IN THERE!!


Peace, out, Love, Strong Steph

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