Sunday, March 23, 2014


Just recently I turned 44. I did not know if I was going to make it to 41. When I was sick, the American Cancer Society began running ads with famous people singing Happy Birthday. It always made me cry.

There are more and more warriors who will not see anymore birthdays. Some of our youngest warriors have left us and are fighting right now.

Melanoma doesn't care how old you are. It is an evil from the depths of cancer hell. It is hell to beat it and as many of you know, you never really get over fighting it. It can come back and bite you in the ass!

I am 3 years NED and so grateful for that, but I am also aware of how everyday is a gift, a birthday gift for me is to be here and I do not want to waste my days on negative energy or people.

Go hug a tree!   GO ski a mountain!! GO ENJOY, for those who have left us!  PEACE!

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  1. Hi there Steph! I just stumbled upon your blog...and thank God I did! My brother who is 46 was just diagnosed with Stage IV Melanoma after being cancer free from his original Stage I diagnosis two years ago. You offer me a lot of comfort and hope...thank you