Saturday, December 28, 2013

Vampire Syndrome

Today I took a big walk with my dog, in the sun. Even with a hat on and my skin covered up, I felt I was putting myself in harm's way. I thought, I am a vampire. I am someone who loves the dark. BUT, I also felt as if I were visiting a long lost friend.

The sun and I had had a long laying out in it, feeling the warm rays on my skin....and thinking that sunscreen would protect me. Days and days and years and years of sun. Melanoma changed all that....

I like shady cloud covered days...ones where I feel there are less dangerous UV rays coming down. I am jealous of people who sit out in the sun, unaware of its dangers.

What does 2014 have in store for me? Will I continue to be a worshipper of the dark? Will I continue to have vampire syndrome? Somehow I will make peace with the sun....I will not feel every ray is out to get me! 

After all, the sun helps plants grow...and it makes beautiful sunrises and sunsets. The sun and I will continue to have an awkward and reluctant relationship.

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