Saturday, March 9, 2013


As a cancer survivor the fear of a reoccurrence is always near...but, I am beginning to realize it does not have to rule my life. I know that I survived some pretty daunting odds, and I am so blessed to be here! I know that today I need to appreciate my life.

Going through cancer treatments leave scars on a person. Some of the scars are visible, while others are on our psyche. For me I can hear a song and remember driving to Santa Monica for my treatments. I can hardly believe I went through what I went through.

As my 43rd birthday approaches, I am GRATEFUL to be here, celebrating with my family. My heart swells with love and appreciation for the blue sky, the fresh snow, and the fantastic sierra nevada mountains I live in. I appreciate life.

As spring approaches, hug your loved ones, kiss someone, and ENJOY life. Because, you never know what tomorrow will bring.


  1. Hi Stephanie, I received your book/letter at my temporary residence and It really blessed me and made me have tears of joy:) I love the idea of reading it and sharing it with the Rose Seaman next. We must talk again I have an idea as part of the sharing your book. I think it would be neat to write the page/melanoma's warrior, caregiver, and or supporter and write the state that they are from and possibly date completed inside of cover and then as it fills up then as it fills up start filling up the back cover before mailing it to the next person with melanoma and or page that has been affected by melanoma in some way???? What are your thoughts??? I started to read your book and I feel like I have known you for years. I feel so honored to have met you and I would love to keep in touch through whatever means of communication you are most comfortable with:) You truly are "Strong Steph". I am comfortable with texting, Instant messaging, FaceTime, Skpe, emailing, snail mail, and phone calls:)
    I throughly enjoyed reading your posting on your blog:))))
    I enjoy your appreciation of life though your journey with melanoma. I totally am in agreement with you I see everyday as a gift and desire to enjoy each and every simple thing in life. I have to tell you God truly has blessed my life with meeting wonderful people worldwide (you being one of them) just by sharing my story and awareness. I have been showered with so many blessings and opportunities locally and worldwide. I count my blessings daily:) I really enjoyed chatting with you over the phone and would love to stay in touch and become friends and meet at one of the melanoma events soon:) I look forward to chatting with you again:) Melanoma Warrior and friend:)
    Donna Piunt aka The Cancer SPOT

  2. I really like the idea of sending the book around and having people sign it. I would be honored to be apart of that endeavor! I am definitely happy to meet so many people, like you :) and will stay in touch!