Friday, March 29, 2013


I want to revisit a topic: to share or not to share?  I HAD cancer. I was very sick. I SURVIVED!  Why do I share this with people?  Mostly because I never know if who I meet will have a friend or family member suffering with cancer treatment. I never know and I want to share HOPE. I also want to spread awareness that melanoma is more than skin cancer. When people hear that I am a skin cancer survivor they, whatever! If I say melanoma survivor, there is a bigger reaction.

Survivor Steph, wow, I have a round head!!

My goal is to always be proud of my survivor status!  I endured one of the most difficult cancer treatments on the planet. I was taken to the brink of death. I want others to know the dangers of tanning, and that there is HOPE.

My battle with cancer will always be a part of who I am. I am GRATEFUL for every extra day I have on this planet with my husband, daughter, and family. They are my reason for fighting SO HARD.

PS. my book is avalaible for Kindle @ Amazon  "My Journey with Melanoma" by Stephanie Bowen

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