Saturday, January 19, 2013


Stress: this has been on my mind all week. I work in education and this can be a stressful environment at times. I want to share how I feel stress affected me and how I am fairly certain is contributed to me getting sick. 

Before my diagnosis in Fall of 2010, I had experience 3 of the most stressful years of my life, both personally and professionally. My life was a constant bombardment of stress. My husband and I went through a "bad spell" for sure. We were close to splitting up our 20 year marriage. This made my home life hard.  My work became a refuge, until my I heard my school was to be closed. At that point, I began to have many criticisms thrown my way about my professional capabilities. I went on the defense and behaved as someone on guard at all times. My health took the toll. It actually began early 2010.

I had a BAD case of bronchitis. I suffered panic attacks. My life felt as though it were disintegrating right before my very eyes. The stress was constant. It was early summer of 2010 I felt a lump under my left armpit. I dismissed it...but it did not dismiss me. 

An article in Scientific America states: "Studies have shown that stress might promote cancer indirectly by weakening the immune system's anti-tumor defense or by encouraging new tumor-feeding blood vessels to form. But a new study published April 12 in The Journal of Clinical Investigation shows that stress hormones, such as adrenaline, can directly support tumor growth and spread."

Fall of 2010 I began a new position as at my work and it came with loads of scrutiny, both from bosses and the community. By then I had healed my personal problems...but it was too late. The cancer had taken root months ago probably, and it too off! One of the first questions posed to me by Dr. Morton at the John Wayne Cancer Center was, "what changed in your life, what kind of stress have you been under?"

The bottom line is, stress is so harmful on a body. When you are under immense amounts of stress and there is no relief, your body is under attack. Your immune system can no longer do its job. Therefore, it is essential to avoid living like this. Do what you can to not allow negative circumstances to take over your life. Do things that make you HAPPY. I know the dangers of stress all too well. Take Care of yourself and avoid negative places and people if you can. That has become my goal.

ps....that is a picture of my love, Abby...we were hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail. She makes me happy!  

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