Sunday, January 27, 2013


I want to post a quick message of HOPE for anyone who is new to melanoma. This cancer has had such a reputation of being deadly. YET, here we are, so many of us making it through the difficult treatments and the horrible news that the cancer had spread. I just met a new melanoma friend in Australia who is facing brain surgery, again, this week. SHE is PERSEVERING through a terrifying and horrible diagnosis!

The "club" of cancer survivor-ship is growing everyday!  From breast cancer, to ovarian cancer, and melanoma.....we are out here, we are surviving and thriving. Do not mess with a cancer survivor!  Spread the word that melanoma, aka, skin cancer, is DEADLY. AND there is HOPE!

Anyone who is diagnosed with melanoma needs to see a melanoma specialist. Take care people, and stay pale!


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