Saturday, January 5, 2013

Passing time with Cancer

Lately it has crossed my mind that passing time after fighting cancer is very different than "regular" time. Many people will have a serious bout with the flu or something that takes them out for a couple weeks. Then you are back on your feet, back to work with no visible scars.

Cancer time is different. The treatment I had left me super skinny....bald and WEAK. Chemotherapy regiments can last from 5 months  (like mine) or up to 2 years. During treatments, cancer patients measure time by their chemotherapy cycles. Mine was a 22 day cycle...5 days were in the hospital...with 3 days of visitations by a home health care nurse who would check my vitals and take blood samples for the lab to ensure my liver was still functioning. During this time I was too ill to do just about anything. 

After my the operation to remove the dead tumor, I was still extremely weak. I returned to work a mere 3 1/2 months later.... as a school teacher. Most people did not know that I came home most days so achy and still in pain that  I would sit in my comfy chair and cry.

I do not mean to whine, but I think some people may think I need to get over it. Sure...get over almost dying. I feel as though cancer has changed the course of my life. I want to inform others about the dangers of melanoma and help give others HOPE. I never knew I could get through such an intense treatment. I never knew I had the strength to do so. BUT I DID.

So, the time in my life will continue to be BC (Before Cancer) and AC (After Cancer). My spiritual life and my physical life has been forever altered by my battle with melanoma. My heart goes out to those who have fought the beast and have lost their life. I will continue to spread melanoma awareness.



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  2. I hear you Steph and truly understand i was taken down so much physically that I was hospitalized many days numerous times, sick in bed for days, unable to work for 15 months due to surgeries, chemo treatments, and now in a nursing home rehab. However, I thank God for the blessings I have received from family, friends, and fans that are becoming friends and so many have encouraged and supported me daily:) No words can describe how blessed and the love that I have received worldwide:))) I cry tears of joy and not pity because I know my God is able to fight, strengthen, and holds my future in the palm of his hand:)
    Blessings to you, Strong Steph;:) Donna Piunt