Tuesday, June 13, 2017

RVs & Getting Older

Yesterday I passed an RV lot off the freeway and teared up. I realized that RVs represent retirement, travel, and vacations! As my sweet husband drove I knew I'd  have the opportunity to do both! I get to get older, I get to travel, I get to retire from my job! My cancer test came back clear! Tears roll down my face because I to hadn't really realized how stressed out the whole thing had really made me. Even though we're going on six years since my last treatment, the memory of it can't come right back, to the forefront of my brain. The horror of melanoma. Melanoma is so much more than just skin cancer. What you were diagnosed with it you always have to keep a lookout. It can come back in our brain, our lungs, or just about anywhere.  I am so grateful for the good doctors at the Angeles clinic, and the researchers, and the nurses and office people there! It's so important to be an advocate for your own health care! Don't settle for anyone that gives you a life expectancy of a few months. Because you just never know!

 Next time I frown at the age marks on my face, the gray hair, which I color, I will remember that I am blessed to still be here and approach each day with lots of gratitude.

I love my family and friends and everyone who supports me every time I get a cancer test! Everyone who is rooting for me to stay clean. Take care people!! Love one another, because you never know what's going to happen next!

I get to get old with this sweetie!

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