Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Lean on ME

When someone is sick, they often become tired of being a burden on their family. They often become tired of not being able to pitch in with daily chores. They often long for times they were the caretakers. I know I experienced all of these during the times I was actively fighting cancer. It is HARD to feel like a burden to your family.  I know I wanted to hide away and fight alone as the fight was UGLY. The side affects were UGLY and hard for my family to watch me go through. Yet, they were always there for me!

I HATED BURDENING my family when I could hardly walk 5 feet after treatment...and my family NEVER allowed me to be alone EVER!  They were always CLOSE with a joke and foot rub and just to sit there... I would sleep as the pain of treatment was too much to bare, and wake up and they were there.

For the caregiver, when you are watching someone hurt... and go through the pain of cancer... know that the patient appreciates you being there and facing cancer alone is SCARY and most people want someone to hold their hand, and it is HARD to continually ask for help. Caregivers, it is OKAY to leave our side once and a while... take care of you!

How can you help if you know someone who is sick? My thoughts are only my opinion after the experiences I have had when I fought my illness with my family by my side.

Do not ask family "what can we do to help?"  JUST HELP
Bring a meal over to a caregiver, the cancer patient is often too sick to eat, I know I was.
Offer the caregiver a break and simply sit with the sick person. Cancer is not contagious. When I was sick, I was too weak to do anything really and simply sat around. While it was boring, just to sit with someone and hold their hand. Tell them you are sorry they are sick. SIMPLE

Supporting a cancer patient and their family can be as simple as letting them know you are there for them. Letting them know they are not alone. It does not need to be A HUGE dog and pony show.  When someone fights cancer... their entire family fights cancer... let them know they are in your thoughts and prayers.

I will ALWAYS hate CANCER and I WILL ALWAYS hate what cancer did to me and my family.

I believe, if we all stick together, we can BEAT this evil illness and FIND A CURE.

 Please  message me if you know anyone who needs an angel card. I believe we all have angels with us and while I fought, I know angels were with me. I LOVE sending them out to families and patients because no one should be alone during their fight against cancer.

me after treatments: 6 years ago

me this last winter... back to life

PLEASE offer HELP & ASK for help, it is OKAY, we all need someone to lean on sometimes!
Lean on Me

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