Saturday, January 2, 2016

the 5th YEAR

2016 is officially the 5th year since I was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic melanoma. I had melanoma in my lungs, in my sacrum, and sub cutaneous tumors popping up on my abdomen. Plus the MONSTER 16 tumor under my left armpit, wrapped around the brachial plexus nerve.  I had an 85 chance of being here today.  And in May is when I was told the tumor activity had ceased. I was officially NED after a radical dissection to remove the dead tumor in May of 2011. Needless to say, I am very grateful to be HERE writing this blog.

It is amazing that so many treatments options have come out since then!  It is amazing that so many people are being declared NED!! I am beyond grateful.

YET, my heart is heavy with the losses in the melanoma community this year. My heart is heavy for those who are fighting with so much pain right now.

This year I am taking more steps to FIGHT melanoma. I am heading to Washington D.C. in March for the MRF and an AIM Walk in June. I am 1 person on a mission.

BRING AWARENESS & RAISE $$ to help the Organizations that Help SUPPORT a CURE for the BEAST!  WILL you join me in this mission??

MELANOMA, here I come!!

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  1. Hi Stephanie:
    My name is Kathleen Engel and I am an editor at Health Monitor Network in Montvale, NJ. I am editing a guide to advanced melanoma that is given out free to patients in doctors' offices and would love to include 3 or 4 tips from you that helped you during your treatment journey.

    I am happy to send you a PDF of our last guide, so you can see what this looks like. And if you are interested in contributing, I can either call you to get your tips (at a time that is convenient to you) or you can email them to me. I would ask for a photo of you to go along with your tips.

    If you'll let me know an email address, I'll get that PDF out to you today!

    Thanks for your consideration.
    Kathleen Engel