Saturday, October 18, 2014

How Breast Cancer Awareness Month saved my LIFE...

Breast Cancer awareness month promotes and educates the public about the benefits of self breast exams. It was during one of these self exams that I found the lump in my left armpit which turned out to be stage IV melanoma.

First, I want to share that I have 3 very good friends who have had breast cancer. 2 of which are still with us, and one who passed on after battling breast cancer for 6 years. A diagnosis of breast cancer devastates. My friend who died was only 36. She and I were studying to be teachers together when she was diagnosed. Diane was a FIGHTER and did everything in her power to survive. Her passing broke my heart. My other two friends are alive and live with disfiguring mastectomies, reconstruction surgery and the same fears of reoccurrence that I live with.

Back to how it saved my life, Thanks to the awareness from breast cancer month & from having friends who have had breast cancer, I performed self exams monthly. This exam alerted me there was something growing in my left armpit.  With my history of melanoma I knew it was possibly melanoma again. I hoped for breast cancer because of the publicity it receives and how deadly I knew melanoma could be. If it was BACK, I did not know if I could beat it.....

SO, do I buy into all the pink???  no
Am I grateful that people are talking about cancer? yes
It is important that ALL cancers receive attention as those afflicted by cancer do not all get breast cancer.

We get melanoma, prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, and lung cancer to name a few. The colors vary and frankly it is disgusting that so many companies try to profit off cancer by using pink ribbons.

I will be grateful to the awareness brought by breast cancer as it did saved my life.

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