Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Staying Strong

Excerp from 1 of the many pages from my medical papers:

" Gentlemen:

This is a letter in follow-up on care for Miss Stephanie Bowen who was seen initially at our clinic on January 3, 2011 for metastic malignant melanoma, N!B with lung metastases. As discussed, she was started on biochemotherapy due to the high growth fraction of her tumor, and for improvement of morbidity.


[At this point a lot of medical terms are used to decribe my condition and my reaction to the treatments.] 

We feel fortunate that things have fallen into place appropriately for Stephanie, and will continue to keep you informed of her progress."

This last Monday, 2 days ago, another warrior lost his fight with melanoma. His body was unable to handle the treatments, yet his spirit kept going on.

I know I am blessed to be here. I do not know why I am here, but, I am here.  Melanoma is ferioucious and I always have a shadow of fear that it will return. These days I enjoy my status of NED. While I stay strong....others are literally fighting for their lives. Some do not win this battle with CANCER. SOME PEOPLE LOSE.  IT is extremely SAD. SAD does not even express how one feels when we hear that a warrior has died.

Many of my adventures this summer are dedicated to fellow warriors. I try to raise awareness whenever I am able. I stay strong for those who are fighting.

May angels look after those left behind. May angels look after those who are fighting.

Take care of your skin!

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