Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Moving On with LIFE

Well, I am now a bit over 2 years out of cancer treatments. I am EXTREMELY BLESSED to be one of the few with a stage IV diagnosis who is still ALIVE. My philosophy has been to keep going forward, no matter how hard it seems.

When I was sick, I hunkered down into the horrific treatments of biochemotherapy. My body was broken down to its last bits of strength. I could barely walk 10 feet without being totally exhausted. Getting dressed to go to the doctor took all my energy for the day. I needed a wheelchair to get around after treatments.When people saw me, they looked away...it is hard to see someone dying.


My advice to anyone going through cancer treatment is to look to the future. What will you do when you are out of treatment? I always thought of the things I would do when I got through. Granted, I am now just getting my energy back. It has taken 2 years to recover. I did it! My hubby and I went to Glacier National Park and we had always wanted to go there!

We are busy living life,and even though my body took a toll from chemo and I have arthritic conditions in my hips that was exaggerated due to the cancer treatment, I will keep moving forward!

I send my love and support to all people facing cancer. I pray constantly for people who are struggling right now with cancer.

When you hear the words of a cancer diagnosis and see a doctor look at you with a SAD-SAD face....and you do not know if you are going to see your next birthday, your heart is broken. Your heart breaks for your family and those that may have to bury you and go on living after you have passed. I cannot express the sadness of that feeling. I faced that and I have come out the other side.There is no telling how long I will be NED, as melanoma is life long diagnosis & lifelong fight.

BE assured, I will fight like HELL again if I need to, and until then I will enjoy LIFE!

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