Friday, May 31, 2013

Carpe Diem

I write this on the last day of Melanoma Awareness Month. I am PROUD to say I feel that more people are becoming aware of Melanoma Cancer....and it is being know as more than "just skin cancer."
I realize my activism is a bit much for people, but I remember those dark days of battling cancer with every ounce of my being.....lying in a bed, looking at the skyline of Los Angeles.....  hoping I made it through the BRUTAL bio-chemotherapy treatments.   I MADE IT!

UNFORTUNATELY, so many people do not make it. SO many people have to say good bye to their families...Jillian, Tina, and so many others I cannot remember all the names. SO MANY that at a melanoma rally/fundraiser there are about only 5 purple survivor shirts in the crowd of 200. TOO MANY people diagnosed with this completely preventable disease. PREVENTION  is SO MUCH easier than the FIGHT.

That is why I want to talk a bit about Carpe Diem.  My motto is really about CARPE DIEM. I need to sieze every moment and LIVE. I need to live like I could be diagnosed again and leave behind my family, my beautiful daughter and my sweet hubby. My twin sister, my mother, my younger sister.....are all people who suffered so much watching me battle.

So, IN HONOR of those who did not make it, I will CARPE DIEM. My hubby surprised me by saying "Let's go to Montana." I cried my eyes out, thinking of all the wonderful car trips we have had, SO HAPPY we will have more!!

As summer approaches, I hope YOU ALL CARPE DIEM!!  I wish Chelsea Price a WONDERFUL WEDDING!  I WISH Melissa Collins a GREAT time watching her daughter graduate high school!! I wish ROSE Seaman a wonderful summer at Tina's Place, celebrating melanoma cancer survivors in honor of her BEAUTIFUL daughter who left us TOO EARLY.  I know my melahomies in Australia, Jennifer and Kye will have a FANTASTIC Winter....(you have opposite seasons, right?) AND HUGS for every NEW MELAHOMIE I meet via the internet, Denny in Georgia, you make me smile every day, Susan in the Bay Area....YOU ARE A TRUE WARRIOR.

CARPE DIEM with the ones you love this summer!!

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