Sunday, November 18, 2012

Looking Back at Treatments

This is a picture of me after my 5th bio chemo treatment in April 2011. This treatment includes 3 chemotherapy drugs plus 2 immuno-therapy drugs. The treatment required 5 days of hospitalization as my doctor had to monitor my liver functions and overall well-being during the process. I lost all of my hair and about 35 pounds during the process. A home nurse would visit me at my Mother's to get blood and provide 3 hours of hydration for 3 days after the hospitalization.

I share this because I want others to know that the fight against cancer is HARD and there are those of us who have been there and we are still here! It is amazing what the human body can go through! I still can hardly believe that is me in the photo, I was so skinny and weak. Putting my shoes on and getting dressed was exhausting!  

During the dark days of treatment I often was unsure I would make it through. I have a twin sister and usually do not feel alone, but cancer treatment was a lonely place to be...and I am eternally grateful to my family for their support.

If you are in the middle of treatment, know there are those of us who have been there and there is a light at the end of the tunnel!

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