Sunday, September 1, 2013

Me, Sick??

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People look at me today and never know I almost died from cancer. As I look at pictures from treatment days, I am also amazed I went through such hell to be here today. 
I call my blog "Back to Life", from a 90s song from a band called Soul to Soul. 

"back to life, back to reality , back to life, back to reality, 
back to the here and now"

I am back to life. BUT, my life is forever altered by cancer. It was no ordinary, popular cancer that almost took me. & please do not get me wrong, I have LOST FRIENDS to breast cancer..I praise the PINK Campaign for the awareness it has brought to cancer. The cancer that almost took me is MELANOMA.  That's right, skin cancer. 

BUT, if you meet me today you cannot see my scars, you cannot tell I have lifelong neuropathy on the left side of my body from the massive amounts of chemotherapy and immunotherapy drugs and the limited use of my left arm from surgery. You cannot tell.... I like it that way most of the time.

I will always share a message of HOPE to those who need it and to those who are fighting cancer. My story is one of SURVIVING AGAINST THE ODDS!

Was I ever too sick to eat more than a 1/2 of a cup of apples sauce in 10 days? yep
Was I ever so sick I could hardly walk 5 feet to a bathroom?  yep
Am I well enough to enjoy a game of lazer tag with my daughter and stepson?  YES I AM!!

& today I am grateful for that and I pray for the WARRIORS fighting.....  

Sending hugs to all my melahomies out there. 


Strong Steph


  1. So very glad that you are in a GREAT place. You are an inspiration to others, and PROOF that people can fight this disease. Keep doing what you are doing! Stay strong and enjoy!

  2. Thank You Mama Steg, it has been a rough road, but I have made it!!

  3. You are and will forever be one of my greatest heros! I love you so much! Keep fighting, we are with you!

  4. Thanks for the support!! I am 2 1/2 years NED!

  5. Beautiful Bagshaw,,,You are Brandee! We love you too!!